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Emanuel Lutheran Church
Woodstock VA

Where friendship unfolds, Christian fellowship abounds, families thrive and faith grows.

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Bluegrass Worship at W. O. Riley Park

Sunday, September 17th at 10:30AM

We are glad you are visiting our website.  Here  is a brief introduction about us:

Emanuel Lutheran Church is a community where we are reminded God is with us in all times of life.  We most profoundly discover God in the hearing of the word and receiving of Communion.  Gathered together and nourished by God we are called as the church to share and show God's love for the world God made.

 Worship Schedule
8:30am Service of the Word Holy Communion
9:45am Faith Formation
10:30am Traditional Worship Online:  Zoom / Facebook


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Cup and Conversation
Bible Study

Monday 10:30 am


Meeting ID: 837 2439 8259

Passcode:  001779

Wednesday 10:00 am


Meeting ID: 729 2464 4858

Passcode: 095418


Emanuel's Facebook page

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